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We at Select Vending believe you are best served by a vendor that:
  • Offers a variety of fresh, tasty food that will satisfy your employees' and customers needs

  • Provides and maintains reliable equipment

  • Assures prompt response to service and maintenance requests

  • Serving the South Shore of Massachusetts and Nothern Rhode Island
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Select Vending is a family-owned, independent vendor. We strive to work closely with our clients to satisfy their unique requests, whether related to products, pricing or equipment.

Our goal as a food and beverage vendor is to supply top-quality products and convenient, efficient, prompt service, because Select Vending recognizes that product quality and product variety are essential.

A wide choice of snacks, soda, juice, ice cream, office coffee, sandwiches, and other foods rounds out our selection. We believe in the importance of providing name-brand products because they represent the highest value to our customers.

Select Vending.
Committed to superior service!
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